Non-Surgical Solutions for Treating Pain
Dr. Philip Lim's Medical Musculoskeletal Clinic

Joint manipulation and release

Manual manipulative medicine deals with the identification of the manipulable lesion (or joint) and the use of a “procedure” to resolve the condition.

Confusing definitions have emerged. It has been called many names (think chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist)

  • chiropractic subluxation
  • osteopathic lesion
  • joint blockage
  • loss of joint play
  • joint dysfunction

Currently the acceptable term is SOMATIC DYSFUNCTION!!

It is defined as impaired or altered function of related components of the somatic
(body framework) system; skeletal, arthrodial, myofascial, vascular, lymphatic and neural.

Therefore, a release or manipulation is surely a method to normalise the somatic dysfunction, as oppose to the high velocity low amplitude manipulation that the patient is so used to with the magic “pop” at the end!

Doctors at Northside Physical Medicine have been trained in release of a somatic dysfunction with many different manual treatment procedures and can select the most appropriate for a particular presentation.