Non-Surgical Solutions for Treating Pain
Dr. Philip Lim's Medical Musculoskeletal Clinic
Muscle Scar Tissue Hydrodissection
  • Scar tissue formation can occur within the muscle fibres in the event of acute trauma or injury.
  • Scar tissue can be detected using real-time ultrasound assessment
  • The lesion can cause poor function of the affected muscle as well as pain.

The Technique
To release the scar tissue, under the guidance of ultrasound, a needle can be directed to the scar tissue and with normal saline or water for injection with local anaesthetic, the scar can be slowly hydrodissected, very similar to a peeling effect. Either an anti-inflammatory medication or platelet rich plasma is injected to the hydrodissected site to improve healing.

Surprisingly, patients report very little pain through the whole procedure.